1kg Flour
20g Salt
60g Sugar
50g Oil
610ml Cold Water
11g MASTERPAN 3IN1 Yeast


MASTERPAN 3IN1 Instant Dry Yeast & Bread Improver is a unique product with new formulation developed by our R&D team suitable for the production of Toast Bread.


Add flour, salt, sugar, oil, Cold water and Masterpan 3in1 to the kneading machine. Kneading time: about 7 minutes at a temperature of 24-26°C
Leavening in mass for 90 minutes.
Portioning form dough weighing 1250 gr.
Put the dough in the oven after it has doubled its volume, for 50 minutes.
Upper heat 235°C
Lower heat 215°C
Humidity 60%

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